Lil' Son Jackson - Disgusted

First performance: 10/11/2006


Bruce performed the song only once:
2006-11-10 Shepherds Bush Empire, London, England 
Bruce performed the song together with Lucinda Williams during a guest appearance in London. Near the end of the show Bruce took the stage and provided guest rhythm-lead guitar on extended workouts of two songs JOY and Disgusted (each in its first Springsteen performance). Bruce was there to see the show along with several members of the Sessions tour band. 


The song is originally from Melvin Jackson but the version Bruce brought on stage was taken from the Lucinda Williams' album 'Ramblin' . It is an album of traditional blues and country songs by Lucinda Williams. When it was first released in 1979, the album was titled Ramblin' on My Mind; for re-issues, it was shortened to Ramblin'. Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson (August 16, 1915, Tyler, Texas – May 30, 1976, Dallas ) was an American blues guitarist. He was a contemporary of Lightnin' Hopkins.

Other cover versions

  • Lucinda Williams has covered it in concert over the decades and also included a live performance of it as a bonus track on her 1998 reissue of her self-titled third album.

Bruce on the artist


You know, I been lookin' for my little woman
Yeah man, I can't find her nowhere
You know, I believe I'll go to Chicago
And look around Worl'y Fair, and if I don't find her
Goin' to the river and set right down
Well now, that woman keep on worryin' poor me
I'm gonna jump overboard and drown

You know, my little baby, she come set down
Yeah, she set down up on my knee
She said, "Now Son, I'm gon' be good,
If you just don't whup me."
Know I'm gon' whup my baby
Like a farmer whup a Jersey cow
Well now, you know I don't have to ask her no question
Man, because she know the reason why

Well now, you know I'm so disgusted
People, you know I don't know what to do
You know, I'm goin' downtown and try to find me
Somethin' new, I want meet with a
Woman with a Cadillac
Whoa man, I mean plenty money, too
Well now, I want her to wake up early in the mornin'
Oh man, and I won't have nothin' in the world to do