Moby Grape - Omaha

First performance: 16/09/1967


Bruce performed the song 2 times and once as a snippet: 
1967-09-30 Left Foot (The), Freehold, NJ
One show, double bill, with The Castiles headlining. This was the band’s second gig at the club (see September 16). The 13-song mentioned setlist represents The Castiles’ complete performance at this show, in the correct song sequence. This was The Castiles’ final appearance at The Left Foot. Although having only opened in September 1967, The Left Foot’s popularity dropped dramatically in March 1968 when the larger, trendier Freehold Hullabaloo club opened nearby. The Left Foot closed for good in April 1968.

1967-09-16 Left Foot (The), Freehold, NJ 
Bruce covered the song with his early band ' the Castiles' . This was grand opening night at The Left Foot, an "over 13, under 18" club located in the recreation centre of St Peter's Episcopal Church at 37 Throckmorton Street. The club was opened by Reverend George Errickson and Reverend Fred Coleman, along with two High School students, Harold Breiner and William Cottrell. Patrons sat on cushions. Sadly The Left Foot had a short existence (seven months). This was the first of only two live appearances by The Castiles at the club - fortunately both appearances were audience recorded by Left Foot Manager (and St Peter’s priest) Fred Coleman on a good quality reel-to reel device. The-mentioned thirteen-song setlist represents The Castiles’ complete song performance in the correct sequence and they are all covers of other artists’ material. Although Springsteen may have started out in mid-1965 singing mostly background vocals, it is clear that by this point Bruce is the band’s focal point. Bruce handles the lead vocals on all songs except 'Eleanor Rigby', 'See My Friends' and The Blues Project’s haunting 'Steve’s Song' (all handled by George Theiss). Tex Vinyard, The Castiles’ manager, is heard introducing the band at the start of the second set. Interestingly the group uses The Yardbirds' instrumental 'Jeff’s Boogie' twice, as both the first set closer and show closer. A recording of Wille Dixon's "You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover" will be officially released on September 23, 2016 on Chapter & Verse, the companion album to Springsteen's autobiography Born To Run. 
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The song was also soundchecked before the show. 


The song is taken from the 1967 album 'Moby Grape' by rock band Moby Grape.

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Bruce on the artist


Listen, my friends, you thought never but
Listen, my friends, I'm yours forever
Listen, my friends, won't leave you ever

Now my friends
What's gone down behind
No more rain
From where we came

Listen my love, get under the covers, yeah
Squeeze me real tight, all of your lovin'
Into the light, beneath and above ya
So out of sight, bein' in love!