Moody blues ( The ) - The Morning: Another Morning

First performance: 00/09/1968


Bruce covered the song only once:
1968-09-00 Ocean County College, Toms River, NJ 
Springsteen (along with fellow Earth-band members John Graham and Michael Burke) entered Ocean County College in September 1968. Bruce ended up staying for three semesters, dropping out in December 1969 shortly after his parents moved to California. Earth is believed to have performed several times at Ocean County College during the September to December 1968 period. Springsteen even contributed a piece of poetry to Seascape, the school's Literary Yearbook. The twenty-six mentioned songs are taken from the only known Earth-era repertoire listing. The document is likely to have been created by Springsteen in September or October 1968. The amount of tracks displayed, their sequencing, plus the header and numbering notation by Bruce, all point to this as being an inventory of Earth's live repertoire of 'cover' material. For this reason it is of greater historical significance than an individual gig setlist, particularly in that no Earth audio is circulating. A few of these songs are performance hold-overs from the The Castiles-era. Since Earth was a three-piece band it's hardly surprising that material from both Cream and The Jimi Hendrix Experience (the era's two premier three-piece bands) are abundantly represented. 
photo credit Billy Smith


The song is taken from the 1967 album 'Days of Future Passed'. The second album and first concept album by English prog rock band The Moody Blues, released in November 1967 by Deram Records. With its fusion of orchestral and rock elements, it has been cited as one of the first examples of progressive rock. The album was recorded at a time when the Moody Blues were suffering financial difficulties and lack of critical and commercial success. Their parent label, Decca Records offered them a chance to record a stereo LP that combined their music with orchestral interludes. They decided to compose a suite of songs about the life of everyday man, with the group and orchestra mostly playing separately and mixed together. It was a moderate success upon release, but following steady radio airplay, particularly of the hit single "Nights in White Satin", it became a top ten US hit in 1972. It has since been critically praised as one of the best albums of its time. The album's music features psychedelic rock ballads by Hayward and Pinder and orchestral interludes by the London Festival Orchestra. The band and the orchestra only actually play together during the last part of "Nights In White Satin."

Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


Balloons flying
Children sighing
What a day to go kite flying
Breezy school
Away from school
Cowboys fighting out a duel

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will

Fishes biting
So exciting
Lunchtime sounds so inviting
At the bill
He gets a thrill
Sitting, watching Bobby Quill

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will

Yesterday's dreams
Are tomorrow's sighs
Watch children playing
They seem so wise

Mary Green
Today's a queen
One thousand dollies are her dream
In cotton frocks
And golden locks
Her palace is an orange box

Time seems to stand quite still
In a child's world it always will