Juventino Rosas - Sobre las Olas

First performance: 27/11/1970


Bruce used the song only once as a snippet:
1970-11-27 Sunshine In, Asbury Park, NJ  
At the end of the song ' WE'VE GOT TO DO IT NOW '  (a Robbin Thompson song) Bruce plays a snippet of  the walz  Sobre las Olas

Second of two shows, triple bill, with the bottom-billed Steel Mill opening for the second-billed Cactus and headliner Black Sabbath (fronted by a spooked Ozzy Osbourne, who received death threats before the show). According to Robbin Thompson the members of Black Sabbath and Cactus had a fistfight over who should close the show. According to an attendee recollection, each of the three bands played similar length sets. After the end of the evening, Springsteen spent about an hour backstage jamming with Cactus bassist Tim Bogart. 
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The waltz "Sobre las Olas" (or "Over the Waves") is the best-known work of Mexican composer Juventino Rosas (1868–1894). It "remains one of the most famous Latin American pieces worldwide", according to the "Latin America" article in The Oxford Companion to Music. It was first published by Rosas in 1888. It remains popular as a classic waltz, and has also found its way into New Orleans Jazz and Tejano music. The piece remains popular with country and old-time fiddlers in the United States.

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