Zach Bryan - Sandpaper

First performance: 27/03/2024


Bruce covered the song only once:

2024-03-27 Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Bruce covered the song only once:

2024-03-27 Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY

Bruce makes a surprise appearance during Zach Bryan's 'The Quittin’ Time Tour ',  performing Bryan's songs "Sandpaper" and "Revival", the latter along with Maggie Rogers, as the show's encore. For the encore, Bryan had put on a Springsteen shirt. Bryan, who uses the song 'Johnny 99' as entrance music at the start of his show, is a Springsteen fan. Bruce played a guitar solo during revival and sang along to the choruses. 


Sandpaper is a song written by Zach Bryan and first appearing as a snippet on 24/01/2024. Zach Bryan debuts his new song 'Sandpaper' at Newark Concert on March 15th 2024.  The song is believed to be an ode to his girlfriend Brianna LaPaglia. 

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Bruce on the artist


The shape you take when you lay like that
Reminds me of a love I've never had
If loving's wrong, then what's a boy to do?
I ain't scared of death, but I'm scared of losing you
You ain't out of my league, you're out of this planet
But dammit if you ain't drilled into my skull

Take a trip uptown to clear you out of my mind
You're like sandpaper, the more I try, you bind
Winter was a drag and spring was a friend
I'll love you 'til the sun comes back again
'Cause they've been tryin' to smooth me out
For twenty-seven seasons now
Twenty-seven seasons

When I close my eyes, I think of pines
I could smell it here, that southern farm
But every pine has its time
You'll outgrow the rains of [lazy ?]
And I'll be still at the [?]
To make you a roof that you can pine under