Bruce Hornsby - Spider Fingers

First performance: 07/12/2001


Bruce performed the song 2 times:
During the Christmas shows in 2001 at the convention hall in Asbury Park.
2001-12-08 Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
Bruce Hornsby again guesting the Christmas show
Bruce Hornsby does "Spider Fingers" introduced by "O Come, All Ye Faithful" before doing Don Henley's "The End Of The Innocence" together with Bruce. 


"Spiderfingers" is the first track of the album ‘ Hot House ‘ released a 1995 by American musician Bruce Hornsby. It is Hornsby's second solo-credited album and his fifth overall release. The album found Hornsby expanding upon the foray into jazz sound from Harbor Lights, this time reintroducing elements of bluegrass from "A Night On The Town" and his earlier collaborations.

Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


nice to be here
With all you good people
Is anybody listening
What we're doing tonight

Could you give us a chance
While you hit the sauce
I might try a little flash up here
Just to get ourselves across (Hit it)

Let the spirit linger
Well-uh, get up (Hey)
And do the spider fingers
Check the spider fingers (Check it!)

I could show you on a table
I could show you on a chair
It's best shown on the black and whites
I know I could take you there

It's just a little hand trick
A little prestidigitation
Better get out your Hanon
A little practice and repetition

Well, we better do something
Before they tell us to get lost
Sometimes you've just got to repeat yourself
Just to get your point across (Hit it)

Let the spirit linger (Hey)
Well-uh, get up (Hey)
Do the spider fingers (Okay)
Oh, the spider fingers


Do the spider fingers

A little spider tongue

How long will we be here
Well, babe I just don't know
Depends on fate, the luck of the draw
Or maybe a little flashy show (Hit it)

Let the spirit linger
Well-uh, get up (Hey)
And do the spider fingers (Oh, hey, hey)
Oh, the spider fingers