Drifters ( The ) - THERE GOES MY BABY

First performance: 31/01/1998


Southside Johnny performed the song during the "Come Together" concert . Bruce Springsteen did not sing, but he probably was onstage playing guitar during this and all the other songs on which he did not sing: 

The "Come Together: Jon Bon Jovi & Friends" benefit concert was organized by the Long Branch Police Department, The Asbury Park Press, and FPI Concerts, along with Jon Bon Jovi. The concert was to honor slain Long Branch police officer Sgt. Patrick King and raise money for the Sgt. Patrick King Memorial Fund to provide for his family. King, 45-year-old father of two young boys, was fatally shot on 20 Nov 1997 by a fugitive who had vowed to kill himself and a police officer rather than be captured and returned to jail. Twenty musicians with ties to the Jersey shore music scene answered Jon Bon Jovi's call, including Bruce Springsteen and several members of the then-disbanded E Street Band (Clarence Clemons, Danni Frederici, Patti Scialfa, Steven Van Zandt, and Max Weinberg), Southside Johnny, Bobby Bandiera, and Richie Sambora among others. Actor Danny DeVito was the event's MC. Tickets, which were priced at $125, went on sale on 17 Jan 1998 noon and sold out in just eight minutes. The concert that was organized in short order raised more than $112,000 for King's widow and his two sons. This was a near-reunion of the fabled E Street Band and Springsteen's first full-length electric gig following the acoustic The Ghost Of Tom Joad Solo Acoustic Tour. Springsteen spent much (or possibly all) of the night onstage, singing or playing guitar only. Soundboard recording for the complete concert is available among collectors. The 31 Jan 1998 show at Count Basie Theatre was commercially released in Europe. Since 2005 some enterprising record labels in Europe (mostly in the UK) have been releasing Bruce Springsteen radio and TV broadcasts (and some soundboard recordings) from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. Though these releases are not authorized by Bruce Springsteen or his record company, they are lawful due to a legal loophole in Europe. 
setlist : 
THIS TIME IT'S FOR REAL (with Southside Johnny, Jon Bon Jovi, and Steven Van Zandt) / BAD MEDICINE (Southside Johnny and Jon Bon Jovi) / UNTIL THE GOOD IS GONE (Steven Van Zandt) / BROKE DOWN PIECE OF MAN (Southside Johnny and Jon Bon Jovi) / HARD TIMES COME EASY (Richie Sambora) / LOVES GLORY (Patti Scialfa) / THERE GOES MY BABY (Southside Johnny) / THIS TIME BABY'S GONE FOR GOOD (with Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt) / YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME (with Jon Bon Jovi) / ALL I NEEDED WAS YOU (Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt) / SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT (Jon Bon Jovi and Southside Johnny) / BLOOD ON BLOOD (Jon Bon Jovi) / I'VE BEEN WORKING TOO HARD - LITTLE QUEENIE (Southside Johnny and Jon Bon Jovi) / I DON'T WANT TO GO HOME (with Southside Johnny, Jon Bon Jovi, and Steven Van Zandt) / IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME (with Southside Johnny and Steven Van Zandt) / WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE (with Jon Bon Jovi) / FOREVER (Steven Van Zandt) / LIVIN' ON A PRAYER (Jon Bon Jovi) / I PLAYED THE FOOL (Southside Johnny and Jon Bon Jovi) / KEEP THE FAITH (Jon Bon Jovi) / ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD (with all performers) / TREAT HER RIGHT (with all performers) 


"There Goes My Baby" is a song written by Ben E. King, Lover Patterson, George Treadwell and produced by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller for The Drifters. This was the first single by the second incarnation of the Drifters (previously known as the 5 Crowns), who assumed the group name in 1958 after manager George Treadwell fired the remaining members of the original lineup. This recording introduced the idea of using strings, a Brazilian baion and elaborate production values on an R&B recording to enhance the emotional power of black music. This pointed the way to the coming era of soul music as the popularity of the doo-wop vocal groups peaked and faded.

Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


There goes my baby, moving on down the line
I wonder where, I wonder where, I wonder where she is bound
I broke her heart and I made her cry
Now I'm alone, so all alone
What can I do, what can I do?

(There goes my baby) Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh
(There goes my baby) Yeah-eah-eah-eah-eah
(There goes my baby) Whoa-oh-oh-oh
(There she goes) Now (There she goes) Well, I love...
(There goes my baby) Oh-oh-oh
(There goes my baby) Oh well I need her
(There goes my baby) Need her by my side
(There goes my baby) There to be my guide
(There she goes) I wanna know (There she goes) I wanna know now

I know

I just wanna tell her that I love her (ooh)
And that I need her (ooh)
Beside my side (ooh) to be my guide (ooh)
I wanna know, I wanna know

(There goes my baby)
(There goes my baby) Yeah-eah-eah
(There goes my baby) Yeah-eah-eah
(There she goes) Easy babe! (There she goes)
(There goes my baby) (Whoo) Oh
(There goes my baby) Oh (Whoo)
(There goes my baby) (Whoo) Oh
(There she goes) (Ha) (There she goes) La la la la la la
(There goes my baby) Sha la la la la la (whoo)
(There goes my baby) Oh
(There goes my baby) (hoo, hoo)
There she goes
There she goes
Hoo (hoo-oo-oo-oo-oo)