Four Tops ( The ) - Something About You

First performance: 28/01/1988


Bruce played the song only once:
1988-01-28 Expo Theater, Fort Monmouth, NJ 
Bruce played the song during private rehearsals with the E Street Band (and Horns of Love) for the upcoming Tunnel Of Love Express Tour. It was a one-off but incomplete rendition of The Four Tops’ "Something About You". 


"Something About You" is a song written by Holland-Dozier-Holland and was first released by the Four Tops on their 1965 album Four Tops' Second Album, released as the third single from the album. The B-side of the single was "Darling I Hum Our Song." " Something About You" is unusual for a Motown song in that a guitar riff is prominent. The guitar riff in "Something About You" is similar to that in the Rolling Stones' "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" .

Bruce on the artist

In the BBC serie "desert Island discs " Bruce mentions "The Four Tops" as one of the songs he would bring to a desert Island : Baby I Need Your Loving (1964):
Bruce on the four tops : 
"I had to have some Motown because Motown was an incredible part of my youth. Also, if you wanted to know how to write, how to structure successful pop records, you could learn it all from Motown. The sound of the band, the importance of a great singer. Motown was the school where you wanted to go to learn your craft."


Darlin' darlin'
If I could have you to call my very own
I'd work my fingers to the bone, I'd never roam
To you I'd always come home

'Cause there's something about you, baby
That makes me keep loving you
There's something about you, baby
Makes me love you just a little bit more
Truly does, just a little bit more

Sweet sweet thing, I'm satisfied
Sweet sweet thing, you set my soul on fire
I need you, yeah, badly
I know what price I have to pay
'Cause without you, darlin', I'd worry hard
I love you anyway


Sweet sweet thing, I'm satisfied
Sweet sweet thing, you're my only desire

(Sax solo)

I'm just yours puppet on a string
& tears sometimes it brings
Do me any way you wanna when you wanna
I'll keep you just the same


You're a real heartbreaker
You will never let me sit down
There's something about you, baby
That shakes me all up inside
You're a real heartbreaker
But I need you just the same