Bo Diddley - Bo Diddley's a gunslinger

First performance: 23/10/1971


Bruce played the song as a snippet:
1971-10-23 Keller Hall Gymnasium, Richmond, VA 
A snippet of the song was played during ' Not fade away 'at Richmond Arena, Richmond, VA. Bruce only repeated the title over and over. It was one show, triple bill, with The Bruce Springsteen Band headlining.  


"Bo Diddley's A Gunslingeris taken from the fifth studio album , Bo Diddley Is a Gunslinger .American rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley released in December 1960 by Checker Records. The album title comes from the album's first track called "Gunslinger" and the cover art has Bo Diddley dressed in Western-style clothing.

Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


Bo Diddley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation and a Grammy Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.Bruce had one performance with Bo Diddley during the second annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame ceremony. Bruce gives a stirring induction speech for Roy Orbison and then duets with him on "Oh, Pretty Woman" during the jam. Other inductees include Bo Diddley, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Bill Haley, and Smokey Robinson. Performers during the jam, along with Bruce and Orbison, include Bo Diddley, B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Keith Richards, and more.


Bo Diddley's a gunslinger,
Bo Diddley's a gunslinger,
Yeh, ah-ha,
Yeh, ah-ha,
I've got a story I really want to tell,
About Bo Diddley at the O-K Corral,
Now, Bo Diddley didn't stand no mess,
He wore a gun on his hip and a rose on his chest,

Bo Diddley's a gunslinger,
Bo Diddley's a gunslinger,
Yeh, ah-ha (he must be!),
Yeh, ah-ha (sure 'nuff!),

When Bo Diddley come to town,
The streets get empty and the sun go down,
Sheriff's standing in the doorway,
You know he's so scared to say.

Yeh, ah-ha,
Yeh, ah-ha,
Bo Diddley's a gunslinger,
Bo Diddley's a gunslinger.