Flatlanders ( The ) - Midnight Train

First performance: 14/03/2012


Bruce covered the song only once:
2012-03-14 Austin Music Hall, Austin, TX 
Bruce makes a surprise appearance at the conclusion of the 30th annual Austin Music Awards, joining Alejandro Escovedo and his band along with Joe Ely for four songs, including Escovedo's "Always a Friend", Garland Jeffreys joins in on "Blowin' Down This Road" and an extended rendition of the Rolling Stones' "Beast Of Burden". 


Midnight Train is a song taken from the 2004 album 'Wheels Of Fortune' from the Flatlanders. The Flatlanders are an American country band from Lubbock, Texas, United States, founded in 1972 by Jimmie Dale Gilmore, Joe Ely and Butch Hancock. The group garnered little success during their brief original incarnation from 1972 to 1973, but when the individual members found success in their solo careers, interest in The Flatlanders was rekindled with the band reuniting several times since.

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Bruce on the artist


That midnight train is a long and a slow one
The timetable? s set, the brakeman is tired
Your seat is reserved with exceptions for no one
No luggage allowed, no ticket required
It will be there right on time at the station
Even if midnight must come at high noon
And you will not know that train's destination
And you'll not leave late nor one minute too soon
You may sit beside fear and go worse than lonely
Or travel with trust and love and faith restored
These choices you have and these choices only
When that train rolls in and you step on board
Now that whistle blows, yes it? s already whinin'
If you listen close, you can hear it soft and clear
And that headlight burns, yes it's already shinin'
You might as well choose right now, it's love or fear
It's love or fear