Traditional - Ds'Vogellisi

First performance: 30/06/2009


The song was used 2 times as a snippet:
Nils opens with "ds' Vogellisi" on accordion.

1999-04-26 Hallenstadion, Zurich, Switzerland
Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out" includes "It's All Right" and "Lookin' For A Love", and the Swiss folk song "ds'Vogellisi" played by Nils, Danny, and Roy on accordion.


"ds'Vogellisi" is a folk song, genisis in Adelboen. The genesis of the song is not clear. From old books, documents, traditions and the local archives of Adelboden are no references to the song or the figure of the Bird Lisi known, nor in the old repertoire of Adelbodner choirs. It can therefore be assumed that the song is not a traditional cultural asset, but a modern folk song. According to an oral tradition, the song refers to a herbalist who actually lived earlier in Adelboden. This collected herbs was accompanied by a bird - an eagle or a raven, which was also found dead after the deadly crash of the woman.  The embellished story is not an old tradition, but probably written in more recent times. According to the Adelbodner Vizetourismusdirektor Jürg Blum in January 2011 opposite Radio DRS, the song was created in the 1950s at the opening of the Old Tavern in Adelboden. There the duo Meisen from Zurich played. When the beautiful, young photographer Lisa entered the bar, the duo spontaneously "shook the play out of the sleeve" to sing about this woman. The song is therefore actually a "make-ready song." The photographer Lisa had been a "pretty lady in life" with a "dubious reputation" and had changed "joys often". In the 1950s, she photographed the guests in the night clubs of Adelboden and turned many a nobleman's head around. 
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Other cover versions

Bruce on the artist


Wenn i nume wüsst wo s’Vogellisi wär
s’Vogellisi chunt vo Adelbode her
Adelbode liit im Berner Oberland
s’Berner Oberland isch schön
ja, z’Oberland ja, z’Oberland
z’Berner Oberland isch schön
z’Oberland jo, z’Oberland
z’Berner Oberland isch schön.